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Read the following articles and discuss.

War on Words: NYC Department of Education Wants 50 "Forbidden" Words Banned from Standardized Tests
Georgia School Investigates Slave Math Problems
Gruesome Assignment Spells Termination for D.C. Teacher

Brainstorm possible related topics to use in an argument essay. Copy and paste the following in a Word document, complete the argument essay prewrite, and email to me BY THE END OF CLASS TODAY. Feel free to consult your classmates for the "rebuttal" portion.
1. Write your potential thesis statement (claim AND because clause) with connection to a UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

2. Then list examples you could use to illustrate your point. Draw from the different WORLDS of research you could incorporate:

  • History
  • Politics
  • Pop Culture
  • Literature and Arts
  • Science and Technology
  • Current Events
  • Personal Experience

3. List one example or fact you could use for concession/rebuttal to your claim and one example of fact you could use for rebuttal to the warrant (a problem with the because clause).

4. How might you begin the essay to get the attention of the reader?