THREE Cs for Argument Essay Writing
Each paragraph should include AT LEAST THREE Cs.

Concrete: Consider the quotation, paraphrased fact, image, reflection, information from the prompt, etc. taken directly from the source the “concrete” that strengthens, bolsters, or supports your assertion

Commentary: You must offer some explanation of the facts you selected. Analyze them, put them into your specific context, and/expand upon them. Why are they important? How are they relevant? What do they mean to your audience? *Remember that a paper should include roughly 10% of quoted material and 90% of your own arguments, connections, or analysis.*

Connection: Connect to your thesis in EVERY paragraph. Never leave a quotation hanging! Specifically explain how the information presented relates to your thesis.
Concrete (Are you quoting or paraphrasing? Use only very specific phrases for quotes—paraphrase the rest.)

Commentary (Explain how this quote, fact, etc. is important—how it relates to the issue you are being asked to discuss.)

Connection to thesis (Make a direct connection to your thesis/universal truth.)

Click on Titanpad. Then click on Create Public Pad. Invite your group members to join your pad. INVITE ME AS WELL:

Make three headings: Concrete, Commentary, Connection. Add your first piece of evidence and complete the headings. Make three more headings, add your second piece of evidence, three more headings for your third piece of evidence. This will be the prewrite for you essay.