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Tone, Style, and Diction Words

Dear John/Jane Letter

Dear Johndear john.jpg
noun: Informal. 1.a letter from a woman informing her boyfriend or fiancé that she is ending their relationship or informing her husband that she wants a divorce: Nothing is worse for a soldier's morale than getting a Dear John.
2.any letter terminating a relationship.
Also called Dear John letter.
Origin: 1940–45
(from Dictionary.com)

1. Choose a partner and draw a tone word from the pile.
2. Look up the information about your word and complete the Tone Word Semantic Vocabulary organizer.
3. Write a traditional "Dear John or Dear Jane" letter in which you let him or her know you are leaving. Work with your partner to write the letter in the tone assigned. Do not identify your tone word--readers should be able to figure it out!
4. Post your letter to Schoology discussion prompt.
5. Read three other letters and post what you think the tone is (individually--each of you read three).

Alternate Prompt: You return home from work to find a "Dear John" letter on your kitchen table. Oddly enough, it’s from one of your favorite pieces of furniture. What does the letter say?

How to Write a Dear John Letter: 13 Steps
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"A Dear John Letter" Song

dear john song.png