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Second Block use access code WXCTG-GRPVT
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1. Once a week, post an article that interests you on the Schoology Discussion link. Upload the file and write a brief rationale for your choice of article. Why is the content important? What does it mean to you, to the school, to the community, to the world? Is the writing particularly effective or ineffective? Does the content connect to an issue you are studying in another subject in school? (You do not have to answer all these questions; they are just to give you some ideas of how to respond.)

2. Once a week, post a substantive comment in response to another person's article. Avoid merely writing "good job" or "I agree" messages.

RESOURCESnewspapers 1.jpg
Newseum: Today's Front Pages, Top Ten
The New York Times
BBC News
National Public Radio
CNN Student News
Channel One News