Novel One Project: Book Review Review Assignment

A book review is both a description and an evaluation of a book and should focus on the purpose, contents, and authority. Include and label each of the following sections in your review:

Brief Authorial/Historical Background [25 pts]
What is important about the author and/or historical context in relation to the book? (think about the Harper Lee example)

Rhetorical Style Analysis [50 pts]
Title: What does it suggest? Is it appropriate? Does it add meaning?
Tone of the book: Refer to tone words. Provide examples from
the text to prove your point.
Purpose: Why did he/she write it? Was it effective? Why or why not?
Rhetorical devices: Diction, detail, imagery, figurative language,
structure, etc.

Published Reviews [50 pts]
Provide your own critique of at least 2 reviews with MLA citations. The reviews need to be divergent in some way.
>Find a negative and positive review of your book OR
>Find a well-written and poorly written review OR
>Find a review that focuses on one area/point and
another that focuses on another OR
>Find a logical and an illogical review of your book. Label
these reviews with a brief explanation regarding how they

Importance of the Book [25 pts]
Were there any benefits of reading the book? Did you learn any lessons?
Were you able to make any personal connections with the content or the author?

Book Review Sites
--Reviews of
--DC Public Library Literature Resource Center
--New York Times Book Reviews
--L.A. Times Book Reviews
--Kirkus Book Reviews

Academic Search Engines
Google Scholar
Microsoft Academic Search
Sweet Search
Library of Congress