Writing Sample Reflection
“A piece of writing is never finished. It is delivered to a deadline, torn out of the typewriter on demand,sent off with a sense of accomplishment and shame and pride and frustration.” —Donald Murray
Part I: Select a piece of writing from last year and bring it to class. You may choose any paper or assignment from any class. Look in your electronic portfolio on the P drive, in your documents on your computer or jump drive, or in your folders/binders that I’m sure you kept.

Read your paper, then read through the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.
Reflect upon your writing by choosing two of the questions below. Do not simply answer the questions part-by-part, but instead form a unified response that addresses the most important parts of the questions. Use language from the standards in your reflection when appropriate.

Write no more than ONE page (1.5 spaced). Be concise and edit carefully to ensure that you do not exceed this length. SAVE YOUR PAPER TO A FOLDER IN YOUR "P" DRIVE NAMED "AP LANGUAGE."

1. There are different kinds, or modes, of writing, including the modes we most frequently do for school:
  • analytical (examines the qualities of something outside itself, like a book or a poem)
  • creative (develops original concepts and images, usually according to the criteria of a particular literary genre)
  • expository (explains, describes, argues, or narrates something)
Into which category does the writing you chose mostly fall? Explain why you chose this piece as opposed to another piece in another mode.

2. What does this piece of writing say about the person you were when you wrote it (your attitudes, ideas, values, interests, etc.)? What does your reaction to it now, after some time has passed, say about the person you are at this moment?
What does this piece of writing say about what kind of a writer you are (ability, style, voice, etc.)?
What are your writing strengths and weaknesses, as demonstrated in this piece?

3. Choose something from this piece that represents an aspect of your writing that you would like to improve. Give some suggestions for improvement to the you of several months ago (don’t you wish you had a time machine sometimes?).
Now choose a line that you find particularly vivid. What makes it so effective? Be specific about the words/imagery/voice being used. Offer words of encouragement to the you of several months ago, based on this selection.

Part II:
Read the Reading Informational Texts (RI), Writing (W), Speaking and Listening (SL), and Language (L) standards for grades 11-12. Choose 2 standards you believe you have not mastered (in 2 different categories) and click HERE to list them. Then complete the Writing Reflection: Goal Setting Guide. Print it out, and keep it in the front of your binder.

Common Core State Standards ELA
RI: pg. 40
W: pgs. 45-47
SL: pg. 50
L: pgs. 54-55